Anna Martinello

Anna Martinello

Anna brings a wealth of experience to Mandell Pinder LLP as a corporate paralegal with over 20 years of expertise in corporate law. Specializing in corporate reorganizations including mergers and acquisitions, Anna extends her support to a wide range of corporate transactions including incorporations, continuances, amalgamations, limited partnership registrations, share transactions, dissolutions, minute book reviews, preparing remedial resolutions to resolve deficiencies, and all routine corporate proceedings under the BC and Federal legislation.


Anna joined Mandell Pinder LLP in 2014 as a corporate paralegal.

Various courses relating to Corporate Law and Corporate Procedures, Continuing Legal Education (1985-1990; 2008-2012)

Company Law and Advanced Corporate Administration, Vancouver Community College, (2005)

Oversees the implementation of the ALF Corporate document management database as well as the model corporate precedents.

Practice Areas