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First Nations’ Specific Claims

We work with our clients to submit specific claims against the Government of Canada to ensure the Crown’s legal obligations to First Nations are met.

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Righting Historical Wrongs for First Nations

Specific claims are historical claims against made by First Nations against the Government of Canada. We draft and review specific claims to address Indigenous communities’ historical grievances against the federal government. We also represent First Nations before the Specific Claims Tribunal. We develop historical research and legal strategies, assemble historical document collections, present our findings to communities, and on their instructions develop and submit claims to Canada.

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Our work includes:


We assist our clients in the negotiation of settlements that are fair and just. We have experience working with outside experts to collect and present the evidence required to support the fair valuation of each claim.


We assess claims and develop legal strategies in consultation with communities.


During a claim’s development, our in-house historians can conduct in-depth historical research in archives and libraries across Canada to assist our legal analysis.


We prepare claims and their digital document collections for submission to the Government of Canada. Where communities want them, we also develop and implement trust structures for settlements.

Our Specific Claims Team

Our team has experience working with First Nations on their specific claims against Canada to correct historical injustices. Click on a photo of a team member to read their full bio and see their contact information.

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What Our Clients Say

Mandell Pinder LLP is really looking after our best interests; it’s one thing I really noticed. Their sole interest was for the betterment of the Xatśūll First Nation and we’re proud to be associated with Mandell Pinder LLP.

– Councillor Pat Sellars, Xatśūll First Nation

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