Practice Area

Aboriginal Governance & Law Development

We work collaboratively with Aboriginal governments and organizations to develop and implement their governance and management structures.

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Aboriginal Governance

We provide support and advice to Aboriginal governments in the development of sound, effective and culturally-appropriate governance practices.

Law & Policy Development for Aboriginal Governments

We draft constitutions, laws, policies, and procedures for Aboriginal governments, businesses, and institutions. Our work in this area arises in the context of day-to-day governance, treaty negotiations, and reconciliation negotiations and implementation.

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Our work includes:


Assisting in the development of constitutions, laws, and policies suited to each Aboriginal organization’s unique circumstance, history, and culture. We also assist in the development and design of governance and management structures that foster clear, effective relationships and operations.


Drafting policies and laws in areas like land, water, and resource management, Aboriginal governance, corporate governance, taxation, election codes, financial administration, heritage protection, child welfare, housing, membership, and education.


Advising on the rights of Aboriginal governments and organizations to create and implement laws and policies. This includes providing advice on associated obligations such as fiduciary duties and conflict of interest rules.


Aiding in the implementation of Indigenous laws and policies through various mechanisms, such as membership consultation, referenda, elections, and reporting.

What Our Clients Say

Mandell Pinder LLP is really looking after our best interests; it’s one thing I really noticed. Their sole interest was for the betterment of the Xatśūll First Nation and we’re proud to be associated with Mandell Pinder LLP.

– Councillor Pat Sellars, Xatśūll First Nation

Photo credit: Doane Gregory