shíshálh Nation Self-Government Legislation Updated

Congratulations to shíshálh Nation on the successful amendments to the shíshálh Nation Self-Government Act, which received Royal Assent in Parliament on June 23, 2022. The Act was first passed in 1986, making shíshálh the first Indigenous nation in Canada to implement self-government outside the Indian Act and treaty context. The new amendments to the Act continue to reflect and implement shíshálh’s right to self-government, by ensuring it is shíshálh members who have a final say on any proposed amendments to their Constitution, by aligning the Act with the government’s commitments under UNDRIP, and by reflecting the Nation’s name rather than a name that was imposed upon the Nation under the Indian Act. Mandell Pinder was honoured to represent shíshálh in this important work.

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