Janelle Dwyer & Betty Nguyen to Present at Real Estate Development on First Nations Land 2022

Mandell Pinder lawyers Janelle Dwyer and Betty Nguyen are scheduled to present at Real Estate Development on First Nations Land 2022, a conference organized by the Pacific Business & Law Institute to be held on November 23 and 24, 2022 in Vancouver, and by webinar.

Janelle and Betty are part of the Mandell Pinder team who support Indigenous clients and their businesses with land transactions and negotiations, both on-reserve and off-reserve. They will present on the different types of Indigenous lands and jurisdictions, including land under the Indian Act, land codes (First Nations Land Management Act), self-government agreements, treaties, and reconciliation agreements.

The landscape of real estate development on Indigenous lands is ever-changing. Gain some new insights or refresh your knowledge about the different regimes that can have a major impact on development on Indigenous lands.

More information about this conference, including how to register and to attend, can be found here.