Janelle Dwyer and Peter Millerd to Present at PBLI Real Estate Development on First Nation Lands 2023

On November 16 and 17, 2023 Mandell Pinder LLP lawyers Janelle Dwyer and Peter Millerd will present at the Pacific Business & Law Institute’s 2023 forum titled “Real Estate Development on First Nation Lands.”

The two-day forum will assemble experts with experience in real estate development on First Nation lands. The program offers discussions on legal process and negotiations and will introduce practical aspect of successful real estate development projects. Key themes include: how to navigate the different land regimes and the laws that can impact development; how to structure and draft headleases and sub-leases; case studies and lessons learned from important development projects in BC; the application of provincial laws including the Residential Tenancy Act; how to structure development deals; how to build relationships between First Nations and municipalities and prepare successful servicing agreements; and upcoming changes to the land code regime.

In addition to co-chairing the event, Janelle will give attendees an overview on the different types of Indigenous lands and jurisdictions. These include: the Indian Act land regime; land codes; self government; modern treaty lands; and fee simple lands pursuant to Reconciliation Agreements.

Peter will present on the applicability of provincial law regarding residential tenancies to reserve land under the Indian Act.

Real Estate Development on First Nation Lands 2023 will take place downtown Vancouver and live webinar. For more information and to register, see PBLI’s website.