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Professional Summary

Professional Summary

Darren is Mandell Pinder’s in-house historian with an expertise in the interplay between ethnographical materials and the historical documentary record. He started with the firm in 2006 to assist the legal team on an Aboriginal Rights and Title case in managing a large and constantly-changing document collection. His historical training prepared him for the task of reviewing thousands of documents at a time, organising and prioritising them, and providing the legal team with the most important information.

Since then, Darren has provided support for our clients’ files requiring historical research. In his work, he has located documents in libraries and archives across the lower mainland and Vancouver Island and has reviewed expert reports, environmental impact studies, archaeological assessments, ethnographical reports, and government policies past and present. He has also assisted in the preparation for the cross-examination of Crown witnesses. He maintains the firm’s growing collection of historical materials that traces the development of the Province’s Indian Reserve policies as well as the experiences of First Nations across British Columbia. He works with the specific claims team in developing new claims, collecting and reviewing historical documents for the legal team, and managing the digital document collections in preparation for filing.

Darren’s education is in Coast Salish ethnohistory and British Columbia history, having written an undergraduate honours thesis on the environmental history of the Lower Fraser Valley and a Master’s thesis on the social and political interactions between Coast Salish and newcomers from the Pacific.

Darren and his wife have three young children, who do their best at keeping him from playing his guitar. In return, he brings them hiking in the local mountains as often as he can. He is an active volunteer in his community.


B.A. (Honours) Trinity Western University (2002)

M.A. University of Saskatchewan (2006)

Publications & Presentations

Publications & Presentations

“Historical Research and Aboriginal Law” co-presented with Michael Bissonnette for the Continuing Legal Education Society of B.C.’s Legal Research 2016 Conference, November 17, 2016.