Government-to-Government Relationships

First Nations are often engaged in negotiations with other governments, including those that seek to reconcile First Nation and Crown jurisdiction and authority. Our work includes:

  • developing strategies for agreements on comprehensive land and resource management
  • advising on collaborative decision-making and revenue and benefit sharing
  • advising on implementation of historical treaties
  • negotiating and advising on consultation processes, and reconciliation and accommodation agreements
  • assisting Aboriginal governments, at the community and Nation level, in negotiating agreements for past, ongoing and future impacts, including those related to hydro-electric, mining, forestry, and other land use activities
  • advising on strategic land and water use negotiations
  • advising on environmental assessments and regulatory proceedings related to proposed projects
  • developing and negotiating servicing agreements with neighbouring municipalities for water, sewer, fire protection, police and other local services
  • negotiating additions to reserve lands

Lawyers practicing in Government-to-Government Relationships