First Nation Laws, Governance and Management

Mandell Pinder LLP assists Aboriginal governments in developing and implementing their governance structures. Members of our team have published, presented and advised extensively on these matters.  Our work includes:

  • assisting in the research and development of laws and policies suited to each First Nation’s unique circumstance, history and culture
  • advising on the trust and fiduciary obligations of Chiefs and Councils in a variety of circumstances, including day-to-day governance, commercial transactions, and economic development
  • assisting in the development of First Nation governance and management structures and policies
  • drafting policies and laws in areas such as:  resource management, water use, fishing, taxation, financial administration, heritage protection, child welfare, housing, membership and education
  • advising on the creation of governance structures, including First Nation constitutions, laws, policies and guidelines

Lawyers practicing in First Nation Laws, Governance and Management