Aboriginal Peoples’ aspirations are diverse and have cultural, spiritual, economic, ecological and political dimensions.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the work we do is firmly grounded in the unique knowledge, heritage and experience of Aboriginal Peoples, while delivering the highest standard of legal service. In all of our practice areas we seek to ensure that the law is used as an agent for positive change for Aboriginal communities.

Mandell Pinder LLP is at the forefront of Aboriginal law in Canada.  We have had the honour of being trusted advisors and counsel to Aboriginal governments, organizations and peoples for over 30 years. Our firm has long standing expertise in Aboriginal and Treaty rights, Indigenous laws and governance, land and resource management and business and economic development. We are committed to assisting First Nations in meeting their goals of long-term sustainability and economic prosperity. Through this work our firm has developed insight into the range of legal services that can assist modern First Nation governments in meeting their aspirations.