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Janelle Dwyer was featured in an article by Richard Foot titled “An Economic Transformation – Legal Report: Aboriginal Law” in the April 2014 issue of Canadian Lawyer Magazine.  The article discusses the recent trend of greater economic development taking place in aboriginal communities and the lawyers who are assisting First Nations to reach their economic development goals.  Richard Foot stated:

“Dwyer provides standard business law services: creating corporate entities and joint partnership agreements, and facilitating real estate transactions. “Where we differ from regular business lawyers — and this is where the First Nations side comes in — is that we advise our clients on how the aboriginal title and rights aspect fits into their business work,” says Dwyer. “This is not something I would expect most business lawyers are aware of.”

Dwyer guides First Nations through any duty-to-consult process they might engage in with industry. She also advises them on the creation of “impact benefit” or royalty agreements with private partners, and she structures band-owned corporations that take an active role as business operators.”

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