Our Firm's Vision

Mandell Pinder LLP was established in 1983 to serve Aboriginal peoples in their efforts to protect and enhance their way of life, secure their title and rights over their homelands, and build prosperous and thriving communities now and for future generations. Since then, by advancing test cases, establishing important precedents and developing new legal concepts shaped by the wisdom and experience of the elders, the firm has provided legal and strategic advice to First Nations.

Aboriginal peoples' aspirations are multifold, having cultural, spiritual, economic and political dimensions. The legal system can be a tool to further these aspirations. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the legal work we do is firmly grounded in the unique knowledge, heritage and experience of Aboriginal peoples, while delivering the highest standard of legal service.

In all of our practice areas litigation, economic and community development, consultation, negotiation and mediation we seek to ensure that the law is used as an agent for positive change for Aboriginal communities, to assist them in realizing their goals.